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Life is a journey.  Each of us may be on a different road, a different path, place or juncture.  The fact remains we must journey on.  Brooks-Wright Ministries is committed to partnering with individuals and groups in order to meet them where they are and to share in the journey.  The goal is to help people come to realize how the Word of God fits into everyday life and enables them to reach their destination and place of healing, well-being, wholeness and maturity.  Whether it is through Preaching, Teaching, Chaplaincy Services, Spiritual Counseling or as a Certified Life Coach, we endeavoring to bring out what God has deposited within.

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Who Am I

Angela has been in ministry for close to three decades.  A Licensed and Ordained Elder at Miracle Temple Churches of America, it is there that she received her foundational teachings under the late Bishop Reatha Snell, Sr. Pastor Ealene McCollum and Bishop James E. Graham.  She utilizes her platform to share the love of God to all mankind, minister to hurting people and partner within the community one soul at a time.

Angela's ministry consist of five elements.  She is a Preacher, Teacher, Chaplain, Spiritual Counselor and Certified Life Coach.  She received her Master of Divinity from Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary, her Chaplaincy and Spiritual Counseling training from leading institutions throughout the United States and her Life Coach Certification from Lifeforming, based out of Virginia Beach, VA.  She is currently completing her Doctoral degree in Clinical Pastoral Education at Regent University.

Angela's prime objective is fueled by God's love being available to all.  Her endeavor is to meet people where they are and share in their journey to where they need to go.

Home: About Us

Areas of Ministry



As a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the message of God's love and redemptive act being available to all of mankind has been a constant.  Angela continues to preach the Gospel throughout the states compelling those that are hurting and burdened to cast their cares upon the Lord for he truly cares for them.

As a Teacher, Angela facilitates and designs courses that highlight Discipleship, Biblical Foundations, Practical Theology and Spiritual Formation.  She continues to teach young adults and adults in the practicality of God's Word and how it applies to every day living.


As a Chaplain, she has the privilege of encountering individuals of all walks of life, all religious belief systems or no belief system at all.  As Chaplain, Angela has the ability to come along side and help those in their crisis, turmoil, grief, loss and celebration.  This role enables her to practice the ministry of presence, empathetic listening and partnering through helps.

Additionally, this role places her on the front line providing help and hope in times of uncertainty and despair; comfort and counsel when the outlook is bleak and a sense of peace and when individual face a storm within.

As a Chaplain, Angela is available to partner with corporations and other workforce entities for Employee Services, Crisis Management and Grief Support.  You can complete the contact section for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Spiritual Counselor

As a Spiritual Counselor, services are available to advise and give sound, practical biblical guidance regarding life's issues and circumstances.

At Brooks-Wright Ministries, we believe that the Word of God serves as a road map that points us in the right direction as we journey.  Spiritual Counseling enables the team to partner with those in our care through their crisis, loss, grief, celebration, uncertainty and search for meaning, purpose and hope. 

You can complete the contact section for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Certified Life Coach & Mentor

The joy of being a Certified Life Coach is that you are the visionary and we here at Brooks-Wright Ministries become your accountability liaison.  Together, we join forces through a time sensitive agreement working towards completing your vision and your goals.  Our role is to come along side and help bring measurable expectations to fruition as you achieve your hearts desire.

As a Mentor, we can partner with you on the road to discovery.  This partnership is intended to help develop and mature your gifts, talents and purpose; to maximize your potential.

The goal of these initiatives is to guide individuals to a place of growth and maturity.  Together we chart the course so that people become empowered by their own abilities and maximize their full potential.  You can learn more about Brooks-Wright Ministries and our work by contacting our team.

Home: What We Do

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path

Psalm 119:105

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Food For Your Spirit provides daily inspiration and motivational videos that encourage and uplift through the Word Of God.

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